Adventures in the Gray Vale is a sandbox campaign based on the material in the beginning of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide for 4E and which is designed to introduce new players to the 4E ruleset and to the Forgotten Realms.

My goal for the campaign is to only cover the heroic tier; that is, from 1st-level to 10th-level. However, if the story naturally continues then the campaign could go further.

One of the reasons for limiting this campaign to the heroic tier is to remove the temptation for me as the DM to start sketching out a world-shaking plot as I would normally do. This is very much meant to be a sandbox but there are a few plot elements that could be expanded:

- the yuan-ti slaving operations; - the Zhent plans to regain their influence; and - the expansion plans of the Empire of Netheril.

Otherwise, the campaign will consist of a couple of published adventures (Barrow of the Ogre King and Sceptre Tower of Spellgard) but will otherwise consist of short, homebrewed delves and (semi-)random encounters.

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Adventures in the Gray Vale

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